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VYPER Variable Speed Drill Press

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The Vyper Industrial drill press is the statement of quality that is unlike anything else on the market. The direct drive variable speed brushless DC motor provides smooth and effortless power. No more messing around with belts and pulleys, simply turn the speed dial to adjust the spindle speed from 200-2,400 rpm displayed on the digital readout.

The direct drive design optimizes full torque throughout the entire rpm range with no slippage. The easy to use tapping feature provides the ability to effortlessly reverse the tap out of the material by a simple push of the button. No more cringing at the possibility of broken taps!


  1. Brushless DC 1hp motor - direct drive for higher torque and very smooth when running.
  2. Variable speed control, 200-2,400rpm with the turn of a knob. No more messing around with      pulleys
  3. Easy to use reverse tapping feature up to ⅝” thick capacity
  4. Heavy cast iron construction for rigidity and accuracy
  5. Storage compartment
  6. MT#2 1/32”-½” chuck included


  1. Input power: 230 volt, single phase power
  2. Horsepower: 1hp 
  3. Spindle taper: MT #2
  4. Spindle travel: 3.15”
  5. Speed Range (RPM): 200-2,400
  6. Table dimensions: 11 x 11
  7. Max. table distance to spindle: Benchtop: 15.75” Floor: 28”
  8. Weight (lbs.): Benchtop: 165 ; Floor: 207
  9. Height: Benchtop: 46” ; Floor: 71”

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