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Vyper Industrial Energy Saving Variable Speed Fan

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    • We have invented the first best variable speed industrial fan in the world with BLDC motor and built-in driver that incorporates aluminum blades and a simple, yet beautiful design. With an infinitely variable speed dial, you can adjustable height and the wind flow to meet your needs while keeping energy consumption very low.
    • Users may choose the natural wind mode by pressing a single bottom, and there are intermittent wind flows simulating natural wind. The DC inverter design ensures a silent and low-temperature motor with energy costs of only 0.1 USD for 24 hours of operation. 
    • Industrial Fan designed to be the perfect combination of size and power.
  • Energy-efficient: Energy-efficiency is an integral part of the design. This 24-inch fan consumes only 30W (at 600 RPM).
  • Vyper Motors fans are certified by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection, MOEA in Taiwan and are also EMC/EMI compliant.


Details at a glance:

1. 24" Industrial Fan

2. Input power: Single-Phase 110V.


4. CFM: 23,500CFM at 175 watts

5. Energy-saving: 30W at 600 RPM and 130W at 1200RPM.

6. Electrical Motor: Brushless DC Motor

7. Safe Design: Automatic stop function

8. Patent Motor: US8836188


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