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Below are answers to questions, concerns and inquiries that we are asked frequently. We hope you find all of the answers to your questions. If your questions or concerns weren't found here, please let us know your questions or concerns on our Contact Us page.

No, these are just our standard selection. We offer up to 100+ HP in endless configurations. 

Our single phase motors can run on either 50 hertz or 60 herts with a slight variation on RPM. 

Yes, we can make motors to almost any specification that you require. To customize your own, click here.  

No, ours are a more efficient heat dissapating extruded aluminum. In other words, they are higher quality than rolled steel construction. 

We offer many mounting variations, some with both foot and face and some with either or. Our motors follow the standard NEMA mounting practices. 

Yes, we specialize in high volume shipments at reduced pricing. To receive reduced pricing, please contact us