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Three Phase - 1/4HP - 208-230/460V - 1430/1720RPM - 50/60HZ - 63 - C Face/Foot - IE1

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  • Each motor has high precision machining, low operating temperatures, low vibration value and make very little noise. Our motors have a cooling system with excellent cooling blades along with an aluminum and cast iron housing. Vyper Motors have high quality control with a very long service life.
  • All Industrial Equipment (machinery, fans, blowers, etc.) ---- Hydraulic Power Units (pumps, presses, lifts, etc.) ---- Air Compressors ---- Packaging Equipment ---- Conveyor Machines ---- Form, Fill & Seal Machines ---- Mining Machines Gear Reducers ---- AND anything you can think of!
  • We want to help you save money. We offer generous discounts to any sized OEM/Distributer that orders 10 motors or more. The more motors you order, the larger the discount! Contact us to receive discounted pricing.
  • Can't find what you're looking for or have specific specs for your product? Customize your own motor here. Don't worry, we don't charge additional customization fees.

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